InnoStars GoEurope competition was organized in 4 InnoStars countries (Portugal, Italy, Hungary and Poland) with almost 30 applicants. Two projects were awarded in each country with 50.000 € prize to cover business development costs and support matchmaking with EIT Health members. The following projects were selected as winners:[1]


BioPREDx – This project is the first to develop a biomarker-based diagnostic test for rheumatoid arthritis and leukaemia patients. SOLVO MDQ Kit™ is a flow cytometry test optimized for routine clinical use. The test has a prognostic and predictive value in the targeted diseases providing personalized patient information. The project is in the second clinical utility trial phase. (

FRISBEE – The project “Fast and Efficient Market Reach via Intensive Business Development” – implemented by Biosystems International Kft. (BSI) - deploys a unique and protected biochip technology for the early diagnosis of cancer and chronic diseases. BSI licenses its new diagnostics to partners present on the global market and provides R&D services for pharma partners. (


DENDRIMERS: a novel treatment of blood cancer diseases - Chronic B-cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders (B-CLPDs) - GeneaMed LTD develops innovative therapeutics for severe neoplastic proliferative diseases. The invention of GeneaMed is the use of dendrimer-based nanoparticles in personalized treatment of a group of Chronic B-Cell Lymphoproliferative Disorders (B-CLPDs). The drug-candidate has the potential to improve healthcare system by providing low toxic, safer and more comfortable patient’s therapy. Safer treatment and wiser managing of chronic diseases will increase quality of life and active aging of patients. (

MedSimTech (Transesophageal Echocardiography Simulator) - MedSimTech is an innovative device used to train doctors in the field of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) providing a realistic impression of the examination performed physically on a patient. The device consists of hardware-phantom as well as light and precise equivalent of echocardiography TEE probe and software that greatly accelerates the training process (faithfully reproduce on-screen images of the moving heart which sections of three-dimensional data set - based on CT).


Development of new reagents for super resolution microscopy – The company creates reagents for super-resolution microscopy (SRM), currently the fastest developing and most successful area in bio imaging, with a great potential in research and diagnostic areas. While SRM microscopes have reached high resolution power, the fluorescent labelling reagents remain inadequate. The availability of optimized, cheap and easy-to-use fluorescent reagents for SRM will impact both biomedical research and medical diagnostics. SRM is already a major tool for research in cellular/molecular biology, and these reagents will potentiate its application to this field. For medical applications, the reagents will facilitate the development of new disease biomarkers and diagnostic tools. (


doDOC - Accelerating the creation of medical products by streamlining R&D and regulatory documentation - doDOC helps biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies streamline regulatory documents, ensuring auditability and compliance. doDOC brings the organizations' documentation systems to a fully structured documentation platform that allows easy repurpose, reuse and secure collaboration of information at all levels of the product development cycle fully compliant with standard regulations. (

StemCell2MAX - StemCell2MAX is a biotechnology start-up in the field of regenerative medicine that markets a novel solution to multiply the scarcely available blood stem cells, addressing an enormous demand for research and cancer treatment. StemCell2MAX technology may critically improve healthcare by facilitating the treatment of an increasing number of patients with blood cancer and other chronic diseases, thus reducing inpatient hospitals stays, complications, patient morbidity and death. This innovation also addresses the research need for blood stem cells, which hampers the development of several cell therapies and drugs. (

Digital healthcare enhancing genetic testing for cardiovascular clinical routine - HeartGenetics is in the business of developing new high-tech software tools and new genetic tests that make genetic data actionable and integrated with the current medical doctors knowledge about diseases, therapeutics and medical guidelines. The product is a “digital geneticist" and cost-effective genetic devices, to assist Hospitals, Labs and MDs improve diagnosis and health. Labs using these solutions benefit from actionable genetic reports that are fundamental to prevent cardiovascular diseases. With a total cost reduction of over 30% vs. the best existing technologies. (

[1] In Italy the jury awarded only 1 project. An international expert body reviewed all submitted projects and decided to give the remaining 50.000 € prize to HeartGenetics.